Welcome to Strickland Photo Arts!  We have over 25 years of professional photography and art reproduction experience. We bring our talents to three main areas:  real-estate photography, art reproduction (includes printing on canvas or paper), and product photography.

Real-estate: We offer simplicity and convenience for you.   We send you a link to upload your images.  They are resized to work with whatever listing service you have, MLS, Zillow, etc.

Art reproduction:  We have printed for major art publishers, and nationally-known artists. We also do inkjet printing up to 44” wide for photos, art, banners, etc.  These images can be printed on paper or canvas

Product Photography:  We have full lighting resources to give you maximum drama on your products as well as scanning of original artwork for reproduction.

 We are proud to bring our color expertise to the real-estate market.  We can bring out the best that your property has to offer with color and appealing composition.  

Steve Strickland owner


Meridian,  Idaho     425.876.6100

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